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Clinically proven to have an
85% success rate

Unlike TOPICAL treatments with a less then
12% success rate



Quick, Easy and Safe.
Paint your nails straight after

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Fungal Laser Clinic

Are you still struggling to treat your fungal nail infection with topical treatments that just aren’t working? Fungal nail laser clinic uses clinically proven advanced laser technology to kill your fungal nail infection once and for all. Our clinic offers a complimentary consultation with our expert podiatrist to give you the best treatment advice possible. Don’t waste time and money on treatments that are likely to fail. Laser Nail therapy is safe, effective, quick, easy and can treat your nails in as little as 2 visits! No down time required and you can paint your nails straight after. Why would you choose any other clinic? Choose the experts ­ Fungal laser clinic 02 9008 1115.


– Clinically proven in 85% of fungal nail patients treated
– Quick
– Easy & Safe
– Comfortable, only mild heating of the nail during treatment
– No Down Time
– Paint your nails immediately after
– No at home topical applications
– No need for nail clippings or tests
– No nasty side effects from taking oral medication
– No need to destroy the nail plate
– Can be successful in as little as 2 sessions
– No risk of infecting other nails

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